Italian database

on the italian side, in roon database there are some unbelievable empty spaces.
i’m not talking about unknown locale singers, but about BIG NAMES.
just to make examples:

Nothing about Riccardo Muti? c’om!!??

nothing about Uto Ughi?

or Accardo?

nothing about CCCP? or about AREA?

nothing about yves montand??? (ok he is french…)

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Just so you know, there is metadata for these:



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Hi, @Niccolo_Terzi, thanks for your report! Could you please tell if these Artist’s name are coming from your files tags or is it Roon data?

Thanks !


in fact, it seemed impossible! why i don’t see them?

Hi @ivan, you are … right! i didn’t notice that they are from unidentified albums. i didn’t realize that, being unidentified the album, also the artist are not recognized!
this is true for muti, accardo and montand.
on the other hand, AREA and CCCP are recognized. but no info about them.

anyway, i have found an escamotage…
if the artist is associated to an unidentified album, i can in any face make a fake identification, then the artist page is completed, and then un-identify the album.
the artist page in this way remains… so that the artist is in fact identified. :slight_smile: