It'd be nice if the existence of unusually many user profiles didn't cause a visual mess

My Roon setup at home has no trouble with fitting family and frequent-guest profile icons in available screen real estate; but in the Roon instance we’re trying out at work, we’ve clearly ended up creating more profiles than had been anticipated by the Roon desktop UI design - a problem exacerbated because we don’t have gigantically high-res monitors. It’d be great if the interface had some fallback for the case where there are too many profiles to display simultaneously without getting messy. For reasons unrelated to Roon itself (network setup), I haven’t been able to try a Roon app pointed at the work Roon core; but I believe the app, optimized for limited screen real estate, handles this class of interaction well - not trying to display all profiles routinely, but bringing up a picker when needed.

Here’s a screenshot of what happens when there are too many profiles for the desktop UI to handle:

I’m betting that handling this case is something you’ve discussed but not yet prioritized, since it may not come up very often. It’s coming up for us, though.