Items on Roon Arc Website Homepage

Can you tell me what the brand of the chair, speakers and small wireless streamer unit are on the Roon Arc homepage pictured below? Thank You.


The chair is a Eames Lounge Chair with Ottoman. You can buy this chair until today, but its not a bargain.

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Hey Tom, I’ve always wanted one but have never been able to justify the price. :wink:

Just noticed on the Wiki page that they starting making them the same year I was born.

Happy Sunday to all!

Comes free with Naim Streamers , at least every picture has one :joy::joy:

There’s one next to my Naim …

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Thank You! All that stuff just looks too good together!

Hey Mike, they’re everywhere this morning apparently.

What about that little wireless volume control on that little table?

We have show us yer headphones, show us yer hi fi threads

Does everybody stand up to listen

Show us yer chair. I started with a single Parker Knoll Recliner then a big void until the Eames chair appeared . I kept going around the furniture store trying out until the Finance Commitee relented (aka SWMBO)

My kit is now literally Eames Chair, Naim Uniti Atom HE, Sennheiser HD800 , FINISHED.

That is the control knob for a Devialet Expert.

Perfect. Thanks!

I think the man bun and the cream Eames both lower the tone. :grin:

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