It's Now Time for Roon to Acknowledge Topping

Hello, I think that due to its quality, it is time for Topping Dac to be among the Teams that make up Roon Conexion D90SE Fully Balanced DAC -TOPPING

Tell that to Topping, all roon tested/ready devices are controlled by the manufacturer not Roon.

Well, there could be a Topping category in the forum.

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Per a moderator, the manufacturer categories are for devices that are Roon Ready and not based on popularity.

That’s clearly not the case. I see “Raspberry Pi”, “Allo”, “Sonos”, “DietPi”. Even “JRiver”, for heaven’s sake!

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Hmm, just relaying what I was told when I suggested Denafrips have its own section.

Roon Ready probably isn’t the criteria and I’m misremembering, but with the exception of JShiver, the others can be endpoints, no? As for Sonos, there is a long standing incestious relationship there, isn’t there? Dunno.

Easy enough to ask a moderator to make a section for Topping and see what they say. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t understand the title of this thread. What’s the problem with Topping?

I think it was meant to read NOW instead of NOT.

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I believe there are brands-manufacturers that have a place b/c they are Roon Ready.
Various Raspberry Pi’s and their offshoots aren’t Roon Ready, they don’t claim to be. They use Roon Bridge.

I’ve got an original (and best! :wink:) AK chipped D70 and it has always been something of a surprise to some that it works at DSD512 connected via USB to both ROCK and Ropieee powered devices. However what is doesn’t do is expose its volume to control from within Roon. If it did it would be pretty much perfect.


Same here. Love it.

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I have a more modest D10 but it is a good DAC for the money.


I have the 4 x 90’s Topping stack. D90SE, Pre90 + EXT90 and A90 - just so I had the lot. D90SE is a good reference DAC for something that measures very well.

I actually really like the Pre/EXT 90 setup as it has a 2 memory fixed setting for input (XLR/RCA), volume per input and output (RCA/XLR/or both) that one can swap between to do A/B comparisons with different inputs and or outputs at level matched settings from the remote control.

I’ve changed the subject from Not to Now … if that’s not what the OP @Juan_Alberto_Vazquez wanted they can PM me and I will revert it. But I doubt it will get it’s own area.


These people from Topping are doing extremely well

Time to add the LA90 to complete your collection…if you’ve not done so already. :wink:

I like the Pre90/Ext90 a lot as well.

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Yes, for getting best measurements from ASR…
I’ve two Topping DACs, but much prefer some other DACs (exaSound, Primare, Audio Agile, Lumin,…).
Good measurements are not meaning, that all the people are satisfied with the result…

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Very true. All the measurements can show is how well the DAC performs its intended function, of turning the digital representation of the sound into the intended analog representation. Whether one will actually like an accurate rendering is another matter entirely.


Are you sure that is what the ASR represents? Accurate rendering? It demonstrates low noise and distortion of an output. But there has to be a reference to be able to claim accuracy and that isn’t done in his testing.

Isn’t that what the noise and distortion tests measure? How well what comes out matches what was intended?

No, ASR headlines the electronic performance of the DAC as, essentially, a black box. Signal in, noise and distortion out. There is a pretty big assumption made that better SINAD = better DAC. A better measure might be the ENOB rating which SINAD contributes to. For instance a DAC might be rated as 24 bits but it’s Effective Number of Bits might be 17. Another might be 17.5. Which is better might be more easily interpreted by that measure.