It's the little things

Nice. You might move from room to room. Doesn’t mean you want them grouped and playing together. But want to pick up where you left off.

Hmm, isn’t this already implemented? I use the “transfer” function a lot…


One very big breadcrumb:

Ability to remove streaming titles from your library as easily as it is to add. There’s less warnings and sub menus to delete a one of a kind image from my camera than there are to delete a streaming title in Roon. We’re adults. We can handle it/

Unfortunately some couldn’t … which is why the extra checks where added.

That’s said I fully support an improvement in this area (I’ve have suggested removing the checks, but having a “trash can” style safety net (like many operating system have) to be able to undo the deletion.

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The way to fix this is to have “Delete” changed to “remove” and simply remove it from the library - both streaming and local media, and not have anything physically deleted by Roon. I have always found Roon’s choice to have the ONLY file editing function be delete to be a very odd one.

I’ve been round the mill with that proposal and Roon were insistent that they want Roon to remove the files because many users use this workflow to tidy up their filesystems.

If you were to remove a title but not delete, if it was in a watched folder then Roon would immediately pick it up again. So, the workflow would still be as it is now. Move the folder outside of the watched files and then run library clean up.

As for streaming files, I’d say limit it to just the warning box ( no check boxes needed) as nothing is being removed that is not freely recoverable.

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Super. I hadn’t even seen that. Doh!

Then I only need a group volume controller to “be complete”.

Thanks for the info.

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Which really makes no sense. Roon makes huge efforts to stay away from file management, won’t provide a folder view for rational organization, yet the one thing they offer is the nuclear option.

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Roon used to have the option of being much more involved in grooming and file management. The user issues that created, imho, was one of the reasons that functionality was deprecated.

Yet the “nuclear option”, enabling the most dangerous user issues of them all, has been maintained. That’s not logical.

Meanwhile, some basic protection (password, superuser, whatever) also still hasn’t been offered as an alternative. With my wildly creative six year old son (click, click, click!), and my often unattentive wife (that is, regarding music files), the combination of these two creates a deprecated system in which I still dare not install Roon on any other family device than my own.

Finally addressing basic functionality like this belongs to the holistic view I’m missing more and more, as time goes on.


I have to agree with most of these opinions. I only use delete to remove Qobuz albums from my library and it is ridiculously cumbersome. Not to mention that it gives anyone using Roon on my system access to deleting files.

Let us delete streaming albums from library easily. I will delete physical files from my library using a file manager where I can see the folders and files and do it properly. Remove the ability to delete physical files from within the Roon interface completely.


One click deletion for streaming files would be ideal, but a good start would at least have “Delete” and “Hide” on their own sub-menu lines from the three dot drop down and not buried in the edit sub-menu. And once one goes to the delete sub-menu line, two choices, delete or cancel. I think it’s having to go to the edit menu and then scroll down to the bottom to even see the delete option that is an extra step(s) too much.

Fully agree! Besides, it only does half the job anyway. (The folder remains along with any surplus files such as cover images etc)

Doesn’t the clean up library function sort this?

No. But the point really is: why refrain from a folder/file management system completely, for good reasons, yet maintain its most risky feature? I want it gone, or implemented the right way.


Please, for the love of the deity, change the annoying persistence of Shuffle.

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