iTunes Genres have not transferred

Hi, my iTunes Genres have not transferred into ROON. Some of these are Genres i created…is this the issue?

Hi @David_Sykes and welcome to the Roon forum. I’m not support but while you’re waiting I’ll see if I can help. Have your read the Knowledge base article about iTunes import. That talks quite a lot about iTunes XML and playlists but following the procedure there may help.

If the genre information is in the file tags then the other issue might be Roon’s import settings which you can use to ensure that file genre tags are used.

Good luck.

Thanks Carl for the prompt reply and suggestions…will have a look and see where i went wrong. Cheers

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Hi @David_Sykes,

You can read about our Genre settings here:

By default, the genres used by Roon come from Roon’s genre database. You can use your own genres from your file tags by adjusting those settings.

Please note that these genres must be stored within the actual file tags of your media files — If there is any iTunes-specific data that isn’t in the genre tags it will not be imported.