iTunes Import, exclude selected playlists


I am new to Roon and having a question regarding the import of my itunes library. My library is a mix of singles, albums and livesets. I only want to import the latter two not the singles. How can i do that? How to exclude them in the import process?


Anybody please? Running out of my trial membership… :slight_smile:

Are these classifications stored in separate locations or are they all under one directory structure currently?
I believe (and I have never used iTunes) that roon only imports using an iTunes generated XML file that is in the same location as the files. So if they are separate then you can exclude them.

Or if the tracks have metadata that identifies them as singles etc then you could import them and use the roon focus function to select them all and remove them.

Hello and thanks for the reply.

they are all under one directory structure. So you are right it is one XML file generated.

Yes, the tracks have a metadata under comments called “single”. How would the focus function look like? Is comments possible? Attached a picture of the metadata.52

No I don’t think so unfortunately.
I will explicitly copy in the support team to see if they can help @support

The only way to exclude iTunes playlists is… to not use them from the XML library file.

  1. In Roon, deselect the checkbox to import playlists from iTunes.

  2. Download/install “Playlist Export” from the Mac App Store.

The app will load your iTunes library and let you “export” playlists that you choose, along with a bunch of options such as changing root paths to match your Roon library storage.

If you have questions, feel free to post them here and ask. I use this app to greatly reduce the playlists I see in Roon (e.g. I have a bunch of utility playlists that I use in iTunes to manage my collection that I don’t use to actually play music).

There isn’t anyway to exclude content during the import process – since Roon watches folders, we import everything, and there’s no way (right now) to set a blacklist or anything like that. Feel free to open a feature request, but we’d probably want to see significant interest in this feature before we start changing the way importing works.

Once all your content is in Roon, you can use Focus to find + tag certain kinds of albums, and then export/delete them, but you’d want to be really careful messing around with your media like that, and again, that only works once everything is in. Our import process is an all-or-nothing process, so apologies we don’t have a better answer for this use case.

I forgot the 3rd step: select the option to import M3U playlists in Roon. Then, export your new playlists into your iTunes folder (e.g. into a folder called Playlists).

That’s it!

Thanks a lot everyone, very helpful.

Hey. I have 2 more questions.

  1. How to delete?
  2. When i delete will it be deleted from itunes as well? Or just deleted out of roon?


Assuming you are asking that question of me, with respect to Playlist Export, nothing you do impacts iTunes. If you no longer want a playlist in Roon, just “uncheck” that playlist and re-export (deleting the existing ones first from the folder within iTunes. Restart Roon. Done.

Thx but it was meant for Mike from support :slight_smile:

Hello @Jan_Reinmueller -

We have outlined how to use focus in our KB docs here, and once you filter out the tracks you want, you can right click them (or press control+A to select all) -> then click the 3-dot drop-down menu at the top -> Edit -> Track Options -> Delete (towards the bottom of the list).

Be aware that his action will delete them from the hard drive, if you only wish to delete them from Roon then I would suggest moving them out of your watched storage location or just hiding them instead (located in the same menu as delete).