iTunes import success now what

I put iTunes folder on a USB storage device and connected to the Roon core PC and everything shows up in Roon as it should. Question is, if I remove the storage device what will happen to the imported music, playlists, etc.? Is it now part of my Roon library regardless of the storage device? I would simply test it, but it takes a while to populate. Thanks

If you remove the storage device once Roon has finished importing your data and scanning your files, the next time you connect it all the data will still be there. Obviously you can’t play anything while the storage device is disconnected, but removing a drive has no negative consequences with respect to your Roon database.

Yes. For example, I moved my whole library from my NAS to the internal drive on my NUC when I set up the NUC in March, 2019. If I go back and view my play history even back to 2017, Roon now recognizes the track I played from my NAS in 2017 is now located on the internal storage drive of my NUC. It is important to keep a backup of your Roon database to preserve the database continuity, if that is important to you.

Thanks, that sounds perfect as the majority of the iTunes library is lossy AAC files which I would replace with a Tidal version anyway. At least this gives me a reference to it all.

storage device is still connected and roon not showing other versions… bummer. Any work arounds beside searching?

Ok I see that some do offer other versions as an option and some do not. Must be some info missing or data that roon doesn’t recognize?