iTunes Importing Issues

Sounds good Mike. So I’ll just set up Roon to watch that same folder on my external drive. Not worried at all about my iTunes playlists.

Me too, I have my iTunes library in a non-default location so Roon doesn’t see my playlists. I really think this is a top-of-the-list requirement for everyopne who runs Roon an a mac.

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This should trick should get a little more attention! Worked for me!

BTW: Aliasing the iTunes Folder didn’t work. I had to create individual links for “iTunes Music Library.xml”, “iTunes Library.xml” and “iTunes Library.itl.xml”…

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Hey @marco_dd – we’ve updated the instructions above. Give them a read and let us know if you have any issues. Thanks!

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Does this work with music bought from itunes?
I have Roon set up to sync itunes and have gone through teh checks to make sure my library is in the correct place and also that the XML file is correctlt loaded and updating, but I dont get anything in Roon. There is not an error thrown up, just nothing sync’d when I ‘force rescan’.

Not if it’s DRM’d, but with music bought in the last few years it should.

Do you have an example of a file that’s not being picked up? Any chance you can upload a file to Dropbox (or similar) and PM me a link? I can test the file and make sure it’s importing ok for us.

Hello @mike
I confirmed it’s a DRM issue - I have not bought music from itunes in a while so its all DRM’d. I had two albums that were not DRM’d (including that new U2 album which was free and nowhere near as good as U2’s proper music!). As soon as I downloaded them, Roon picked them up.

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I have my iTunes library on NAS, so the XML lib file is not located in the local drive. How to add a network iTunes library into a Roon Server. Please advise. Thanks.

Sit tight. This is much easier in Roon 1.2, coming very soon.

just nosy…explain.

iTunes will be the heart of the the Roon universe?

Hey @adamus,

1.2 is out and process of adding iTunes Library become way easier. Check this KB article for more info -


How has this changed exactly? At a glance it looks the same as before? To be fair, I think this is one feature of Roon that worked very well indeed anyway!

Just download the latest version 1.2 but I still didn’t find any information how to add an iTunes library on NAS. Can you please advise? Thanks.

Indeed, after I click “Add iTunes Library” button, I cannot input a network path as there is no field for me to further input the username and password. Please revert how to do it. Thanks again.

The change is that you don’t need to deal with CMD/Terminal and create a symlink for your iTunes library.

You can mount the folder you need over Finder and after use ‘Add iTunes Library’ button.

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