iTunes Importing Issues

When I select import itunes library on the storage tab I get a message that the itunes.xml file can’t be found. Anyway to point Roon to it? It’s on an different partition than my home folder.

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@alwayslearning Glad you’re enjoying Roon! We’re not seeing the that second folder because Roon isn’t aware it’s an iTunes folder, we only look for iTunes libraries in user/Music/iTunes, which is where Roon can read your library xml file and pull in your playlists. However, playlist import and export is on our list, so when we roll it out you’ll just be able to export .m3u files from iTunes and import them into Roon if your iTunes library lives elsewhere.

@mvrlogins Unfortunately no, we only look for iTunes libraries in the home folder, and we need that xml there in order to read and pull in your library. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thank you for the informative and very timely response – if you guys keep up this level of customer services, you will win converts. You say that we will eventually be able to export .m3u files even if “your iTunes library lives elsewhere.” Two follow-up questions: 1) I’m not familiar with the term .m3u files but I assume it includes any type of playlist in iTunes? 2) I’m sure you have a million things on your plate but can you give us some idea of when this new software feature will be available - one month, three months, six months, etc.?


My iTunes Library is on My Mac HD 2, where is also the users/myname/music folder, but my iTunes Library is on another folder on the same HD> Moving more than 1tb will take forever. I tried to copy one shortcut of the iTunes library to the music folder with no sucess.

When you move the location of the actual music files, the iTunes Music Library.xml file needs to be edited so the path of each music file is specified. I did this by opening the xml file in a text edit app and found / replaced strings.
I do not know if this was the cause of my library woes.

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Hi @Flavones – can you give us a little more information about what you’re trying to do?

If you’re trying to import things you’ve generated in iTunes (like playlists), you’ll want to watch your iTunes library as described in Kevin’s post above. Also note that we only support the default iTunes XML location, so right now we won’t be able to import your iTunes data if the XML is stored somewhere else.

If you just want to add your music to your Roon library, you can just set up watched folders for each of the folders where your music is stored.

Let me know if that helps, or if you’re still having issues.

My iTunes import just stops and says still scanning - is that fixable?

Hey @mikem32,

There were some changes in a recent iTunes update that seem to be causing issues for our iTunes syncing feature. We already have a fix, and it will be released with our upcoming 1.1 release.

Sorry for the trouble here. Can you try restarting Roon and seeing if things get “un-stuck”?

If that doesn’t work, you may want to add the folder where your music is stored as a watched folder. This won’t sync your iTunes playlists, so if iTunes syncing is important for you, you’ll want to avoid making lots of edits or playlists in Roon for now.

Sorry for the trouble here - we’re working to get 1.1 live as soon as possible! Let me know if anything is unclear @mikem32.

If you have your itunes folder in another location, you can create an alias of the actual .xml and copy this to the default User location that Roon searches. Resync in Roon and you will see your library again.


Just installed v1.1. for a friend at Concord Music. He has Imported 54,800+ or so iTunes albums … 54,400 went fine. Roon is stuck at 54,400+ … the “gears” are still turning after 3 hours or so. What should we do? Restart Roon or continue as is?

I think restarting sounds like a good idea here @evangelist – let me know if you’re still having issues and we’ll take a deeper look.


This worked, in terms of finding an xml file. I follow up if I have hiccups.

My iTunes playlists have several levels; e.g., “Hi-Res Rock/Grateful Dead” It looks like the import into Roon ignored this hierarchy. Is there a fix for this; i.e., a way to import multi-level playlists and preserve their organization?

Your Play list folder “Hi-Res Rock” may be flattened into a playlist-list, and the playlist Grateful Dead may appear to be no longer in a playlist folder.

The “Roon” way of doing this is to select albums view>Focus>filter 24bit music, artist: Grateful Dead. Then save as a bookmark, Call it “Hi-Res Rock/Grateful Dead” or select all focused tracks and create a playlist.

Just want to make sure I’m getting this right before downloading the trial.

My iTunes library is stored on an external drive. That’s where the iTunes Media folder location in iTunes’ Preferences points.

This is also where I need to point Roon to in order for it to know where my music is correct?

By NOT having my iTunes Media folder locally on my Mac’s internal drive I lose things like playlists.

Thanks Mike. My iTunes Media folder location is:
/Volumes/Newer HD/iTunes Music

Is there a better way to have iTunes set up, or can I just manually import new music to Roon as I add it?

So, there’s two ways Roon can find your audio files and bring them into your library:

  • We can watch your iTunes library, and use the list of files there. Everything in your iTunes library will be imported all into Roon (along with your playlists), and any new content you add to iTunes will show up in Roon as well
  • Roon can watch folders on your hard drive or NAS. Any content you add to those folders will automatically show up in Roon, but iTunes won’t be monitored so your playlists won’t be synced to Roon

Unless your iTunes playlists are really important to you, I would recommend the latter option – watched folders are simpler to use, and the setup is less susceptible to the changes Apple occasionally makes in iTunes.

Sounds good Mike. So I’ll just set up Roon to watch that same folder on my external drive. Not worried at all about my iTunes playlists.

Me too, I have my iTunes library in a non-default location so Roon doesn’t see my playlists. I really think this is a top-of-the-list requirement for everyopne who runs Roon an a mac.

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