iTunes-Library: Moved some Albums - Roon still has old path [solved]


I’ve accidentally imported some albums into iTunes, which where in a wrong folder. I moved them to the correct location and iTunes automatically found their new position. However: meanwhile Roon automatically found those new albums, too, but still thinks they’re to be found at their old location. How can I force Roon to rescan the path to the files. “Force Scan” or disabling/re-enabling did not work.


Were you trying “Force Scan” from the album or from the Storage tab?

If the former, try the latter.

Thanks for your fast reply.

Tried both… no luck…

In Roon, are you using iTunes storage or a watched folder?

It’s imported as “iTunes Music Library”…

So you have a few albums in Roon that are no longer in your iTunes library? Or they show up in Roon twice?

I just updated our iTunes setup instructions – can you confirm everything is as expected when running the test from the Testing Your iTunes Sync section?

@mike: Just checked something. Situation: iTunes, XML in usual place, keep folder organized off.

I’ve got only one album in iTunes for testing purposes. When I move the files physically (in this case to a ‘test’ folder), the XML file is only updated when the individual files are ‘touched’ in iTunes: play (iTunes finds the new location automatically without intervention), get info, show in finder, etc. Touching half of the files leads to updated file paths in the XML, while the untouched files still have their old paths.

Since Roon (of course) reads the XML, the touched files will play while untouched ones won’t.

OK, you’re right - I’ve just had a look into the XML as well…

So more an iTunes bug. I’ll have a look for a workaround in iTunes then.

Thanks a lot!

Not a bug so much as an imperfect use case: when iTunes is set to not organize the files, it simply does not know if and when they were manually rearranged – at least not until they are touched through the iTunes interface.

Hmm… iTunes must have gotten noticed about my moving thru some file-system-event. It updated it’s locations right away and could play all of those files nicely without me doing anything more than moving those files in finder. Also the path in the info-dialog was correct - that’s why I suspected the Roon-Importer.

Not updating that 3rd-party-compatibility-XML sounds like a typical apple-bug in my opinion.

Anyhow: I’ve selected all new files and added an empty comment in iTunes. Pathes were updated in the XML and Roon immediately got the correct locations.

Thanks again.

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