iTunes Library on Mac without Roon

Can a Roon ROCK access and/or sync with an iTunes Library or Music Folder on a Mac that isn’t running Roon software?

Client wants to use the Mac for iTunes for ripping and Apple Music, but does not want Roon software on this specific machine. A NUC/ROCK will be attached to the network and be controlled with a Windows Surface running Roon. He just doesn’t want Roon on that Mac, but he wants the Roon to access the ALAC files.

Add the Music folder on the Mac as a Network share in Settings -> Storage. SMB file sharing and Windows File Sharing (Sharing Control Panel -> File Sharing -> Options) will need to be on in the Mac. You will need the SMB address of the music folder (from “Get Info”) to enter in Roon.

Thank you! I assumed there was a way to do it, but it wasn’t clear in the Roon Knowledge Base.

I appreciate your help!

You’re very welcome.