iTunes - lost album and track info

I’m flying blind here so not expecting miracles but just in case anyone has any ideas :slight_smile: )

So my father has been recording his old albums and 45s using iTunes and entering the album and track info using the iTunes feature (it’s iTunes not Music as he’s on an old version of the OS).

For some reason having gone through this laborious process iTunes has kept the files but lost all the album and track info. He tried doing a Time Machine recovery, which I guess may have been a mistake in itself, but with no luck.

Anyone have any idea what may have happened or any possible ways to recover this info?

And I know this isn’t about Roon I’m just being cheeky and hoping i can tap into the knowledge of this forum.


It would be better for you to go and seek advice from the Apple community forums or the Mac Rumors web site, as they have many members with a lot of experience, although you would need to become a member if you are not already. I find them very pro active and friendly. In the mean time I have one suggestion which is, if the album artist, album name is still tagged you could try Music Tag Editor which is free to download to try and retag and save the album info. Good luck.

Thanks - yes I should have posted in an Apple forum really. Just being cheeky!

I’ll check out Music Tag Editor. Thanks again.