iTunes “Love” Heart Ratings and Roon “Favorite” Heart Ratings

If Roon reads an iTunes library, does it recognize embedded iTunes ratings? In particular, does Roon recognize the new iTunes “Love” metadata and is it recognized as “favorited” in Roon?

The implementation described above would be particularly useful for iTunes users with Apple mobile devices:

  1. Track “SONG X” is “loved” on iPhone using a music app metadata entry.
  2. Metadata change syncs to iTunes library with next iTunes sync.
  3. Roon reads updated iTunes library file, recognizes metadata change, and “SONG X” is now a “Favorite” in track in Roon.

Roon still doesn’t sync iTunes Favorites, but you could create a smart playlist in iTunes which collect track and album favorites. Then you can select the songs in Roon and mark them as favorites.

Thanks for following up on this.