iTunes LP / TuneKit removal / support

Some of the digital only albums I’ve bought in the past were iTunes LP format, now deprecated by Apple, they can contain extra sound files not meant to be played like ordinary music.

The iTunes LP wikipedia entry has the skinny:
iTunes LP downloads use a proprietary file format with the extension .itlp , which is essentially a WebArchive adhering to special conventions using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS Animations, and plists.

I’d like to request that you parse these iTunes LP bundles and strip out the “artwork audio” from the Roon Library indexing. Or, even better(!), maybe make a reverse-engineered way to enjoy the iTunes LP format in Roon.


In case it helps future visitors - you can exclude files or directories by pattern. Settings -> Storage -> your folder, the “…” context menu -> Edit -> Ignored Paths. I added .itlp/, with a semi-colon to separate it from the existing entries, and my ITLP sounds disappeared from Roon.