iTunes Match / Roon

Hi: I am a new member, and I am contemplating subscribing to Roon. I am trying to decide between the purchase of a sonicTransporter or building an Intel NUC with ROCK. However, before I do anything, I have a very basic question: I currently have an iTunes library on my Mac Mini, and in order to access my music from my iPhone or iPad, I need to be subscribed to iTunes Match.

My plan is to store my music on either the NUC or sonicTransporter, which would be connected to my Oppo 205 via my network. Would I still need to subscribe to iTunes Match in order to play music on my iPhone or iPad?

This is all very new to me, so please excuse my ignorance!

When away from your home network, yes. If you only play music on these devices when at home then you can do it from Roon.

Thanks Jeff!

That makes perfect sense. (The answer seems obvious once you know it :grinning:)