ITunes on External Harddrive Not Connected to Roon Core [Answered]

For the Mac users here, we would welcome your thoughts and ideas on how to connect an external harddrive to the Roon Core. The set is as follows: Mac Mini running as Roon Core connected via HDMI to AVR. AVR provides the DAC to the amp/speakers in the Main Theater Room. On a separate iMac on the nextwork we are running iTunes with the iTunes folder located on a Thunderbolt connected External Hard Drive.

We would like to mount the External Hard Drive on the Mac Mini. I can do this using “Connect to Server,” signing in with Registered User and Password, and then navigating to the external harddrive. Once double clicked, it shows up on Mac Mini desktop. At this point, Roon can find the music.

The question is how to automatically mount the external hard drive on the Mac Mini each time the Mini is restarted. Or whether there is a better way to connect this iTunes folder to the Roon.


mount the drive on the mac as usual

open control panel user & groups

go startup objects

drag and drop the hdd symbol in the field


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Thank you! That worked perfectly