iTunes Playlist Folders

(John Edmonds) #1

iTunes has Playlist Folders. That is: Under ‘Playlists’, instead of displaying a ‘Playlist’ as such, iTunes will show a ‘Playlist Folder’. And, there can be ‘Playlist Folders’ inside ‘Playlist Folders’.

This is one reason why I like iTunes so much. Most of my (classical) music library, as displayed in the Playlists and Playlist Folders is organized/sorted by Composer. (The albums in the Library, on the other hand, as they appear in the Finder are organized/filed under Artists [or, Album Artist].)

This way of doing things enables me to quickly find a playlist or album in the Library. I’m dealing with 327 Composers, 590 Artists, 760 Albums, @1800 files – so I need this kind of an apparatus to keep the beast tethered. As best as I can tell, the Playlist Folder part of iTunes does not show up in Roon. Or, What am I missing?

If Roon will truly work in synch with the iTunes application, Roon will have to include the functionality of the ‘Playlist Folder’ concept. I shudder at the idea of renaming every Playlist and/or file.