iTunes Playlist Not Being Updated

I am having problems getting my iTunes Playlist to update in Roon. In the Preferences>Storage>Edit Storage Selection>Import I do have the Import iTunes Playlists set to Yes. However while my library is being kept up to date as I add titles no change has occurred when I have deleted within iTunes Playlists or added new Playlists.

How can I this to work properly again?

Hi @Michael_Kulfan,

  • Can you please double check that you followed the iTunes Setup Instructions outlined in our Knowledge Base?

  • Have you made sure to enable Share iTunes XML in iTunes settings itself?

  • Is the XML playlist file saved in the same location as the media files and not perhaps was copied over to the media folder location and you are updating the one located in the iTunes Media Library Location?

  • Does a “Force Rescan” change anything with regards to this behavior?

– Noris

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