iTunes playlists and metadata


I’m currently evaluating Roon on a 14 day trial, so please forgive me if this is a beginner question.

  1. All my iTunes playlists show up in Roon (yay!) but I can’t edit them, as they are what Roon calls ‘global playlists’. What does this really mean?

  2. Will changes I make later to playlists in iTunes be reflected in Roon, or is this a one-time import?

  3. Is it somehow possible to edit ID3 tags of the actual files using Roon?

I’m trying to figure out if I am to continue using iTunes in addition to Roon or if I should leave for good. What makes the most sense?

The answer to question 3 is no. Roon does not edit tags in your underlying files.

Hello @Lundmark,

Welcome on board. Here are the answers to your questions:

1.Roon can’t touch your files, including playlists. If you want to edit a playlists which wasn’t created in Roon you need to save a local copy first. To do this you need to follow these steps:

  • Open playlist details page
  • Press the Pencil button in bottom right corner
  • In appeared pop-up press ‘Save A Local Copy’ button.

As for the ‘global playlists’ this means that if you have more than one profile in Roon, playlist with such status will be shown to all profiles.

2.This is not a one-time import, Roon tracks changes of your iTunes library on a regular basis.

3.Since Roon can’t modify your files, there is now possible was to edit tags inside of them. All changes made in Roon will be saved in its database.

Thanks a lot!

So would it be wise to continue using iTunes as a management tool, while using Roon as a player and viewer? And is this read-only approach a design choice, or a current limitation that will change with later releases?

If you don’t care about playlists which were created in iTunes, I would recommend to start from scratch in Roon (but read this FAQ article first :wink:). Yes, it is a design choice.

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I do care about them. Me and iTunes go a long way back, so there are a lot of memories there from different events. But there’s nothing keeping me from leaving, as long as I can take my carefully curated playlists with me. I guess I can create them in Roon instead!