iTunes playlists not importing [Resolved - Build 274]

I have been using Roon without an issue for about six months on a Mac. Now I’ve re-installed the software on a Win10 machine and re-scanned my library. No issue with the tracks, but none of my iTunes playlists are now visible in Roon (I previously had access to them while Roon was running on the Mac). I have the main/default iTunes folder selected as my storage location, and the “import itunes playlists” button is set to yes (just as before, on the Mac). Any suggestions? Thank you!

did you check out the knowledge base on moving the core to another machine…like backing up and restoring the database?

i just opted for a fresh install instead … not sure why the “import itunes playlists” function would be affected?

Hi @jsa307 ----- Thank you for the report!

Moving forward, can you verify that you have Ron + iTunes setup on the Win10 machine as specified in our knowledge base: iTunes and furthermore, if you have tried any of the troubleshooting tips mentioned in the article.


Thanks @Eric
Everything is already set up as stipulated by that article, so there’s nothing to troubleshoot per se. Again, all I did was a fresh Roon install on a new computer, and pointed it at the iTunes folder - no changes to directory structure or iTunes settings. Playlists visible before, but not now!

Thanks for the follow up @jsa307, I appreciate the feedback.

Moving forward, I would like to see the files paths from one of the mentioned playlists that are not showing up in Roon. Would you kindly please open one your iTunes generated m3u files in note pad, and share the file paths with me either here or in a PM.


PM sent, thank you!

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Hi @jsa307 ----- Thank you for the follow up, confirming that I have seen the PM.

Moving forward, can your verify the storage location of this file:

“AC_DC\Back In Black (mp3)\01 Hells Bells.mp3”



File named “01 Hells Bells.mp3” is located in folder “Z:\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\AC_DC\Back In Black (mp3)”

Any use in trying a force rescan of the location?

Hi @jsa307 ----- Thank you for touching base with me and providing the requested information, very appreciated!

Ok, so we have confirmed that the media’s storage location matches that M3U file :thumbsup: In the interest of being complete, if you were to navigate to the same file in Roon and look at it’s file path (3 dot menus to the right of the track - > “View file info”) you are seeing the same path, correct?

Furthermore, in regard to the generated M3U file, please verify that it is being stored/accessed from the same location as the media that comprises it.


Roon Knowledgebase: Importing playlists

@Eric - yes, the file path in Roon matches. I have iTunes continuing to organize my music library, thus the default structure is an “iTunes” folder, which Roon is pointed at. This contains the iTunes Library.xml file, as well as the iTunes Media > Music subfolders which contain the tracks. I don’t see any discreet M3U files.

When I had Roon up and running on the Mac, I similarly selected the master “iTunes” folder for Roon to watch … all my tracks and playlists were waiting in Roon…

Hi @jsa307 ----- I appreciate the feedback, thank you!

Moving forward, I would like to have you send me one of your M3U files and will be contacting you momentarily via PM with instructions on how you can get the content over to me.


Hi @jsa307 ----- Thank you for the PM (follow ups) and verifying your import settings for me in regard to your iTunes “watch” folder. Very appreciated!

Moving forward, I shared the log snippet you had provided with our techs, and they believe that they have an idea of what is causing this behavior. In light of this, the team has asked to have you send us a copy of your iTunes XML.

Please follow the same steps, you had used to send us your M3U file and I will make sure that the XML reaches our techs in a timely manor.


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i updated to build 274 and the problem appears to be solved … go figure!

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