Itunes ratings into Roon?

I’ve found a few discussions of this but not sure what the latest / best solution is.
As I understand it, Roon doesn’t import track ratings (the star ratings) from itunes.
I only use those to put tracks into playlists, so I already have playlists representing the stars.
In Roon, is the best method to get something like stars to select a playlist and “heart” all the tracks in it?
It doesn’t get me any differentiation (i.e. 4 stars are all my favorite tracks, 5 stars are my party tracks), so is there a way to do that in Roon or a better method in general?

If you’re looking for more granularity (1 Star, 2 Stars, 3 Stars, etc as opposed to just Favorite), I would recommend creating a few Tags for everything you want, and then you can just tag everything in the respective iTunes playlists, and anything you want to rate going forward.

You can tag tracks (and albums, and artists, etc) from pretty much anywhere in the app, and use these ratings to filter the various browsers, meaning “Tracks tagged as 4 Stars” or even “Albums that contain 4 Star tracks” and so on.

Hope that helps! Any questions, just ask.