iTunes XML file misses tracks in Roon

I have a similar problem. I shortened a long iTunes playlist to 25 tracks. When I copied the iTunes XML to my Roon music data base, it shows up with two missing tracks. Several other iTunes longer playlist have the identical problem. The iTunes playlist track count never equals the Roon playlist track count. This is my Roon version info.


I’m running on a 16 core intel box running Suse 15.2. The Roon desktop is running on Wine 6.10. Aside from this issue, I have no other performance or operational issues.

This is a copy of the iTunes XML for the two files that don’t show up. The other files that do show up work as expected. If I select the two missing files directly in Roon, they play fine.

This shot shows one of the tracks in the Roon data base.

I also submitted this data to support before posting here.



Hello @thomas_marlow,

Thanks for getting in touch about this and for your patience while we returned to work after the weekend :nerd_face:

We’d love to help. Can you please share a screenshot of this playlist in Roon and iTunes?

Also, have you checked out Skipped Files in Roon? Do they show up there?

I’ll be keeping an eye out for your reply :blush:

Thanks for the quick response.

Here is the iTunes screen shot:

Here are three sceen shots of the same playlist in Roon:

I tried the 'skip file ’ option. It looks like this:

I’m stumped. What do you think?


Good Morning Rebeka. I figured out the problem with Song For Adam. It is a slight difference in names between the iTunes database and Roon’s data base, thus invalidating the iTunes XML description of the tracks. I suspect this may be the problem with the other tracks that don’t show up in the playlists, although I haven’t yet proven this theory.

This raises a different question: Is it possible to get a listing from Roon that contains all the iTunes track lists that aren’t available in Roon? Otherwise, I have to go through a laborious (days if not weeks) process to track them down in the XML file and modify the file to meet the data base track name.

Thanks much.


Good Afternoon Rebeka. I want to remove all the shared Itunes playlists that I created for testing. How is that done?

I removed the xml description file and rebooted my machine - they still show up.