I've Joined the Club

Due to COVID I built a home office, picked up a nice combined dac/amp and nice headphones. Been using Squeeze Center for quite a while (logitech) also tried Audirvana but decided to just throw all my chips and bought a lifetime membership. Next up is RoPieee and have roon running on my synology NAS. Also picked up a subscription to Qobuz though my music collection is around 3 TBs on my NAS now.

Hello all! :slight_smile: :smiley:


Welcome, from a fellow lifer. Just be careful, before you know you are spending more time on the forum than listening to your nice new kit :grinning:. It happens…

Anyway, the forum is a great and generally friendly place to pick up ideas and ask questions. And a lot of knowledgeable people around too, and good music tips for all tastes. (Horrible ones too). Enjoy!


Been listening to the Levellers a lot lately. Big fan of New Model Army, Rush, Marillion, The Cure, Counting Crows, David Ford, Riverside, Airbag, tend to be on the progressive end but some folk type stuff as well.


Welcome and congratulations from another lifer.

So good to hear from someone without any installation/usage problems or gripes about what they think Roon should be.



Welcome, Mark! Glad to have you on board.

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No gripes about anything! Thank you kevin!

Anna Begins is one of my reference tracks. The attack on those opening drums, the detail in the bass, and then the fullness of the chorus coming in are all great little tests. It’s a bonus that it’s a great track! (although I listen to the Across a Wire versions far more than the studio albums)

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August and Everything After is one of my favorite albums of all time.
Taking a listen now on my Sennheiser HD 650 via Topping DX7S
Will switch over to the live version after listening to this


Lovely. My favourite on August … is Raining in Baltimore. Very mood dependent though :wink:

Welcome to the community. I would think carefully about the NAS core route, but it does work fine for many. Lots of info here about that in the #roon:qnap-synology area…SSD for the database is a MUST HAVE

It certainly is mood dependent. Hadn’t listened to it in a while

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I’m running a DS1618+ with 32GB of memory along with 2 500GB SSD Cache drives

Cache drives matter not, you need an ssd for the database.

I have a NUC running on an SSD and is running 24/7
I’ll move it over to that. Thanks

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That was pretty painless. Did a backup on the NAS and restored it on the NUC
Now to set up automated backups to the NAS

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I suppose I could go all out and pick up the Roon Nucleus
Though it looks like you need to provide an SSD
The price is pretty steep as well, $1400

Gilding the lily.

only been here ten minutes and the poor soul is having suggestions for emptying the bank balance when clearly was happy before! Are some people sponsored by to sow the seeds?

LOL no I have not purchased the nucleus

Welcome to the club.

Last weekend I setup my first Raspberry Pi 4 with RoPiee. It was easy as could be for a first timer setup.
Roon automatically pick it up immediately. I have been playing with different DACs through it and each time Roon automatically detected my DAC.

You will have a great time with Roon. BTW a lot of answered questions here. Good place to get educated.