I've read all the support docs but do not understand if I can use Roon on Windows 11 laptop to rip a CD

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11, LG Gram laptop, Intel core i7 (11th gen), 16 GB RAM

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Number of Tracks in Library

125 albums

Description of Issue

  1. I was wondering how to rip a CD using Roon? It is possible on the Nucleus; is it possible using a laptop? I want to evaluate the ripping capabilities before investing in a Nucleus.
  2. On an (un)related note, whenever I go to Roon → Setup → find Find Roon OS, nothing ever shows, it just searches, regardless if I’m searching from the Core machine or a remote.


  1. No you can only rip a CD natively from Roon if you use the roon OS which is on ROCK or Nucleus.

The Roon CD ripping is very basic and doesn’t produce rips that work well outside of Roon, a dedicated app like dbpoweramp is a better choice.

  1. You won’t find it as again that relates to finding a core running Roon OS. You don’t have one running so you won’t find it.

Thank you. Disappointing to hear that the CD ripping function is basic and that the rips not easily transferable outside of Roon. I was disappointed in the dbpoweramp interface, but it seems a favorite!

You can also try Exact Audio Copy.
Although tbh it’s interface might be even worse but it is free…


Gregory persevere with dbPoweramp as it is amazing and a large percentage of user’s here swear by it.
It’s actually very easy to use once you have set it up to you liking. It pretty much becomes an appliance at that point and will do you proud.

I cannot recommend the Roon CD ripper on Rock, which I have. Half baked at best and things have been broken for a few releases now and doesn’t look like they can be bothered to fix it.


If you’ve got any specific problems with dBpoweramp then you might be able to get some assistance on this forum. As @Michael_Harris says, there are plenty of people who use it on here.


How would you compare J River media center (which can rip as FLAC) to dbpoweramp?

dbPowramp any day of the week over Jriver


They both get the job done, but dbPoweramp is specifically designed for that purpose. JRiver obviously includes many more features you may or may not want or need particularly if you’re using Roon. I’ve not done a study but just my personal observation, dbPoweramp will be more likely to successfully rip difficult CDs (ie; scratched or otherwise damaged).


Just my humble opinion here but having tried quite a number I found Exact Audio Copy had the best track record of handling really poor condition discs.
A number I had that both JRiver and dB stalled with , EAC managed to slowly grind through with a successful copy.

Saying all of that I tend to use JRiver the vast majority of the time simply because I already owned it prior to Roon

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If you have JRiver then use it ,I ripped my CD’s with JRiver but I was using it as my music source then pre -Roon.

In quality of rip I have had no issues over a great many ripped. It doesn’t use Acurip or any “post check”

It only has basic metadata lookup , track, duration, artwork etc , it has lyrics these days as well but nothing special.

You may have to spend time grooming metadata depending upon how much you want to add

I have not used DbPoweramp to compare features

I still use JRiver for all my Video needs and i keep my music library current (same source as Roon) as I have a DLNA streamer . I am been using for 11 years (I think)

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I wish that was the case, I find it struggles as much as others. Got another bunch of 2nd hand disks delivered the other day and one won’t rip at all. Got a refund at least for it.

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I got a couple of Bowie disks on Friday afternoon.
Young American’s was a bit scratched up (couple of good ones).
It took over a day to rip on dbPoweramp but it finally completed all Tracks and played beautifully without me being able to notice the slighted skip (now whether you think that’s a good or bad thing is another story).

I have had some so damaged that even dbPoweramp cannot rescue them, but usually these look like kids were using them as frisbees.
These Days disc’s get one time use to be ripped and put in a storage case

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If you have a problem with a Young Americans track (or two) I can put them on Dropbox, after all you own the original.:thinking:


Thanks for the offer. Amazingly after about 28 hour’s it worked perfectly. I will listen on headphones though and PM you if I hear any issues.:+1:


What can I tell ya?
Works for me…


It does for me for 99.9% its my goto rippper as its free.


EAC is a good choice particularly as it’s free. But there is a much steeper learning curve than with dbPoweramp.

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Good point.
EAC is probably not for absolute novices as there are quite a few options you need to set.
Whereas DB is nearly plug and play.

Note that you can polish badly scratched CDs, as the plastic is very soft (so be careful). Use toothpaste as a gentle abrasive. I have rescued several Audio discs and old XBOX DVD games in the past doing this. The children are all grown up now and take better care of their stuff!

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