Jaikoz rename masks

I’ve been using Jaikoz (and SongKong) for quite some time now and it keeps getting better. Today’s update is no exception.

I am having a mental block working out the masking though for renaming. At one point I had something I liked, but then I had to go and play with it and can’t seem to be able to go back.

What I desire for Folders:
Artist \ Album [File format] (orig release date)
Black Sabbath \ Black Sabbath [HD] (Flac) (1976)

Thank you for the help.

Hi can you post on the jaikoz forum as this not really a roon question it would be better if I answered there (also would have seen it quicker).

I created an account and copy pasted my question there.
Being new it is awaiting moderation now.

I’ll post the answer here for those following along.


  • album
  • isHd()
  • addBrackets(filename.substring(filename.lastIndexOf(‘.’) + 1))
  • addBrackets(originalalbumyear)
  • ‘/’
  • title

function isHd()
return ishd==1 ? ’ [HD]’ : ‘’;

function addBrackets(value)
return value.length > 0 ? ’ (’ + value + ‘)’ : ‘’;