James Galway / Tokyo String Quartet: Mozart Flute Quartets quite a mess

These are Flute Quartets not Flute Concertos

To be consistent with a semi-standard titling convention that is sort of being followed quite inconsistently and avoid noisy duplication “Mozart: Flute Concertos” would have been enough.

Also the Work/PART hierarchy for both the Quartets 3 & 4 is wrong in the most uninformative possible way.

The track listing looks like the Allmusic one.

I could report these things all day but gave up a long time ago. This one particularly annoyed me because it is Qobuz and Qobuz actually get the hierarchy right. The title is still wrong but I can edit that in roon. The hierarchy I cannot (because it is not local).

This is madness. However it is spun roon is in effect re-writing bad original source meta data that Qobuz has fixed.