Jarl Sigurd Musical Enigma


Hi everyone, I’m new here :slightly_smiling_face:

Just thinking about the old days of the usenet, did anyone else here experience the flabbergasting musical-phenomenon that was Jarl Sigurd?

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(Martin Webster) #2

Welcome to the forum!

I’ve no idea who Jarl Sigurd is so asked Google: Who the hell is Jarl Sigurd?

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(Andrew Webb) #3

Ah, you snake! You mean this guy?


Nope I would never rickroll anyone with Jarl Sigurd’s music for fear of being accused of assault. I’m not sure if any of Jarl’s music still exists out there in the ether but it’s probably for the best. It was so awful that he should have won a prize for creating the worst music imaginable. He was actually a master of marketing because his elaborate descriptions of his compositions evoked the most powerful desire to listen to them.

I actually preserved some of his music because is so bad but I daren’t listen to it as to avoid killing any brain cells…

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(Martin Webster) #5

This all sounds like something from H2G2. Second only to Vogon poetry?

The guy must have been very popular in his hay-day as I’ve found this tribute: https://archive.org/details/mscw3/deliriousoverkill.mp3. Alas, it looks like his music is lost to the world!

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(Sander Zwier) #6

I was just glancing over this thread title and thought “yeah, who was that again?” :blush: Thank you for bringing this up, nostalgia kicking in! I actually remember this stuff from some progressive rock / metal newsgroups I used to hang out in. Must be like 15 years ago? Can’t remember if I ever actually listened to the stuff though but it definitely was something of a meme back then.


Nice tribute, I actually got a kick out of that band (Diet of Worms)! Although I must point out to truly tribute Jarl one must only use midi instruments. Also it was clearly written by someone with talent, which Jarl possessed none of.

Anyway, if you are truly interested in hearing the music I did save a few tracks. But I must warn you to keep the sonic waves away from children and the elderly.

Still to this day I wonder what Jarl is up to and whether he actually took music lessons. Who know’s maybe Jarl was actually Douglas Adams in disguise. Sadly, we’ll never know… (RIP DA)