Jay-Z new album, 4:44 on Tidal, but not on Tidal via Roon - Why? [Answered]

Jay-Z new album, 4:44 is on Tidal, but not on Tidal via Roon. How come??

Have you made it a favourite in your Tidal app? It should feed through to Roon pretty quickly then.

Interesting, I didn’t know this trick !

But it didn’t work for me for this album. I even closed Roon and re-opened

Strange that he wouldn’t release his new album in MQA on his own streaming service.

It might pop up over the next 24 hours.

I believe the release date for “4:44” is the 30 June 2017, that’s today.

There is a lag between release and the metadata filtering down from the Tidal systems to the Roon systems … it used be a few days but it’s closer to a day now.

I’d give it 24 hours and then check again.

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I use both Roon and Audirvana Plus. This album is available now using Audirvana Plus. I notice that every once in a while Audirvana Plus will have a new release available before Roon.

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It’s a shame because as the boss of Tidal, you would think he would try and sneak at least one album onto the “New Albums” section…he could do with a little more exposure, no? :smile:

Got to ask, but what’s pretty quickly from your experience with this tactic? Anything you did to trigger it perhaps, other than closing/re-openning Roon?

I’ve noticed Friday’s new releases show up late on Thursday a few times, but not always be playable. It could just be a release timing thing across time zones.

Haha, yeah he’s missing a trick there. (@joel beat you to it btw. D’ya like Jay-Z?)

Sorry to the OP for the delay. For myself (and perhaps many of us,) I’m glad of an extra 24 hours without it. :slight_smile:


It’s there now.

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