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I’m in discussion with Jazz Groove to see what we can do for native Jazz Groove FLAC streaming to the Lumin product line.

I’m also having serious drop out issues with Jazz Groove in the past couple of weeks. I was typically getting 2-3 dropouts a day but now it’s every few minutes. It’s got so bad I’ve given up on JG for the time being. I don’t know whether it’s a JG issue or Roon but I don’t experience dropouts on any other radio or streaming service (Tidal/Qobuz).

I’m having the same problems here @BrianK. Frustrating because I never had this problem with the $500 Bluesound Node. What are you using for a Roon core? I wonder if it could be my PC that i’ve got running my core… It should be okay - Intel i7-8700 @ 3.19Ghz,16gb.

It was like this when they first made it available on Roon. It was “ok” for a while, dropping about once an hour instead of every few minutes. Now it is back to unlistenable. Too bad, it was very promising.

My Roon core is on a Mac mini M1. I have a separate issue at the moment with Qobuz in that every few days I get network errors which I found I could fix by rebooting the Mac mini which to me suggests a buffer or cache overflow. The JG issue is unfortunate as they are set up to support jazz musicians and their music but the constant dropouts are not something that can be ignored.

Try these:

Just as live metadata returns to our radio streams, Jazz Groove drops out - if your lucky enough to connect in the first instance!

This is done and released in Lumin firmware.

My understanding is that some improvement has been made. Is it better for you now?

Yes I’ve been in contact with JG and they believe they’ve tracked down the issue down to some regional servers. Since then (3-4 days ago) JG via Roon using the PLS stream link has been streaming perfectly fine with no interruptions.


I’ve received a Lumin user inquiry about several Jazz Groove FLAC channels work but several others don’t. This could be a regional server issue that only affects some users.

FYI for anyone happen to be experiencing a similar issue.

To debug this, you need to use a web browser (Note: I use Firefox) on a computer or smartphone. Open the Jazz Groove account settings page and sign in to your Premium account, go to Audio Setting. Choose the FLAC quality, a station you’re having problem with, and Stream URL (not PLS). Copy it to a new browser tab and play it using the browser. If you can reproduce the problematic playback with the computer or smartphone, copy the URL from the browser (it is no longer the same as the one on the Jazz Groove account page because it has already redirected you to a new regional server - you need the final link) to an e-mail.

Once you’ve got the actual final (already redirected) link(s), you can send these links to Jazz Groove support, they’ll forward it to the streaming service provider and fix the problematic regional server.

Hey! Is it working now?
I have had to unsubscribe a couple times in the past because of the lack o metadata first and no connection later.

Jazz Groove has been steaming well for the last couple of months - metadata is provided and only a very occasional dropout.

Have been encountering issues with connecting to Jazzgroove for the past week or so using the PLS stream for JG #1 and JG #2 streams. When Roon does attempt to connect it takes 20-25secs to connect and often connects momentarily but then loses or drops the connection. Persistent attempts will sometimes succeed but frequently fails.

Please refer to my post in Sept. 21 for finding the actual streaming link (after web redirection), and report it to Jazz Groove. The URL should be in this format:

You will need to be able to identify the exact server in the server farm that is causing the problem for you in order for this to be solved, since it is not necessarily happening to all users because it’s a farm of servers, not one server. In particular, it is working normally for me while I type this post.

I was testing Mix #1 in my previous post. Today I tested Mix #2 for three hours without noticing any problem.

Hi Peter. I’ve been down this track before with JG (see my post above dated Sep 21). The issue in my case was related to regional servers used by JG to service my region (Perth Western Australia). I’ve reported this current problem to JG and they are investigating but haven’t heard anything back at this stage.

Also try different DNS.

What do the folks here mean when you say “JazzGroove provides metadata?” What should I expect to see in Roon controller as a subscriber to JG with FLAC stream. I DO see the song title text, but the image shown is still only the JG logo. No album artwork, is that expected?

Yes I believe that’s what JG is limited to at present and even that is a fairly recent addition.

I can’t find Jazz Groove in Live Radio directory. Should it be there? Am i doing something wrong?