Jazz Sabbath on RoPieee

I encountered a strange problem when I play songs from this particular band. On the RoPieee screen it shows the artist „Jazz Sabbath“ then followed by scrolling „ / Bill Ward / Tony Iommi / Ozzy Osbourne / Geezer Butler“.

Excerpt the composers of the tracks being set to this, I do have nowhere in the metadata mentioned any of these names. No performer, primary artist, etc.

I never saw this on any album before in RoPieee.

Any idea where to look for this?


Hi Ralf,

According to me, this information is not comming from RoPieee, but from Roon.

Kind regards, Frank.


sure it does come from roon, but I have no ideas where the information is set in the metadata.


Start a thread in Support, Metadata.

It’s not showing on the roon “now playing” playing screen, the metadata category won’t help as the metadata I have applied is correct. But anyway, sorry for asking…

I dont see how it can be if the displayed data is wrong. If you play it on another device do the same Black Sabbath band member names show?

Edit. As Black Sabbath are the composers i guess it is coming from there. I didn’t realise they jazzed up sabbath tracks.

If the track/album is in your local library I suggest to use a metadata editor like Mp3tag to discover in which tag that information is stored

I do have only one device with display. The other RoPieee device is without. It only happens on that particular setup. iPhone, iPad or desktop roon player does not show this information.

Yes, I think as well that it is coming from the composer setting, but I do not see it - or haven’t noticed it - in any other album/artist.

It would be worth starting a metadata support thread just to see what is doing it :grinning:

Yes, done that, I edit all albums in my library with a metadata editor first before they get into my library. I add always composers and lyrics (when available) into the metadata.

Given the fact that roon staff does not really respond to issues, I just give up on this and leave it alone. Thanks.

Thats your choice.