Jazzgroove PLS stream

Have been quietly waiting for this to be fixed but perhaps it’s my experience only. Jazzgroove is a FLAC stream subscriber service. They offer various playlists mixes and as a subscriber, in theory, you can choose a URL stream or PLS stream. I’m having problems getting any of the options to work. So using the “add station” option I can go to the Jazzgroove website, then select the mix and stream quality and it copies the stream link (URL or PLS option) and then it is simply a matter of pasting the supplied link into Roon add station link. Roon then seems to test that the link is functional and working before completing the process. Sometime the functional test works but frequently it doesn’t pass the functional test. Even when it does pass the functional test and the station is added it simply won’t play. It seems to attempt connection and sometimes the connection is made briefly before inevitably failing. The process did work at one stage in the past but recent attempts have failed every time. Has anyone else using Jazzgroove experience this?

I am a Jazzgroove subscriber and share your frustration. Has not been working via Roon for a while. It maybe the regional server issue that we encountered previously. I am located near Canberra, I think you @BrianK are in Perth? Previously, I contacted Jazzgroove and filled out a form detailing the connection issue. They were very responsive and got the issue fixed. Maybe we have to go through this process again.

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Thanks BigMal for your comments. I’ve been down this path with JG a few times. They are very responsive and helpful. When things are fixed they seem to work for a while but then gradually fall over again. Both Peter’s and your experience gives me what I need to follow up on an earlier contact I had with them. I’ll update my post once I’ve had something back from JG. On a normal day music (Jazz) is one of the first things I connect with of a morning and I listen all day long. The JG streams are not perfect but one of the best sources of good quality FLAC streams I’m aware of. So when it stops working I do miss it.

Just FYI. I tried VPN the Roon Core to Australia - Sydney (since Canberra is not available as a choice in Surfshark VPN), Roon JG also works for me.