JB Radio-2 always streams 192kHz, even if I pick 96kHz

Hey, I’m loving the new live radio directory and functionality. One thing that’s weird though is that when I pick the 96kHz stream for JB Radio-2, it still streams at 192kHz – see screenshot below. Is it ignoring my setting or is the stream URL wrong?

I really don’t need 192kHz streaming, and the stream is also fairly unstable at that bitrate, so I was hoping that lowering to a slightly more reasonable 96kHz would help with that.

I’ve had a look and the 96kHz stream is actually a playlist that links to an alternative stream for 192.

Therefore, I will disable the duplicate stream for now and see if a 96kHz version actually exists

OK, I have now made a change and the 96kHz stream should be back working. Please check

That did it, thanks!

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