JB Radio-2 back on air!

Hi @BrianW , I just spotted that JBRadio is back broadcasting.

Unfortunately, I’ve tried adding the URLs both to the radio directory and Roon directly and it comes up no station found, which is a shame.

It plays fine in VLC, so I don’t think this is a GEO location issue (I’m in the UK).

I tried looking at the network info in my browser, but nothing came up that helps.

Would you mind having a look to see if you can find an alternative working source? thanks

The URLs are:




The problem is that Roon can’t deal with specified port numbers on https URLs. This is a long standing problem.

I couldn’t find alternative streams and also scanned alternative http ports on the server but none are JB Radio.

Fortunately, hi res audio is advertising a flac stream, so I’ve added that!

Edit. Ahh - I think the way it’s adding metadata is going to cause Roon to hiccup. Need to check

Edit2 yes, but I’ve switched to an alternative non-metadata stream.

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Thanks Brian, tested and confirmed new stream is working.

They don’t make it easy for us do they!


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Well, that didn’t last long. The flac stream is down.

Flac streams still down. As I can’t find workable aac or mp3 streams, I’ll take station off again.


I’ll keep monitoring

Thanks Brian

I’ve setup a Rocket Audio Streamer relay at home to overcome Roon’s HTTPS:port limitation.
JB Radio 2 now available in 320kbps AAC glory, with metadata.

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BTW @brianW if you are aware of other stations with HTTPS:port limitations, I can relay them as well. The only limit is a maximum of 100 listeners.

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Rémi, you are a star!

Thank you very much.

thanks - you might come to regret that offer though!

Hold on - I realize the stream doesn’t always start… currently fixing this…

Mmmm I don’t understand why but it can take two or three clicks on “Play Now” to start JB Radio 2 stream in Roon. DO you see this also at your end ? Might be a network thing on my side as relay servers are on the same LAN as my Roon server…

I’ve just tried 3 times, with moving to somewhere else each time, and had no problems.

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Working first ‘click’ here - takes around 5 seconds to start

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yeah the stream is “on demand” so expect a couple of seconds until it starts.

Well, well, well. Flac stream is back again.

Metadata identification service is back, with clickable links to artist, album, song…

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Can you please advise the URL?