JB Radio-2 back on air!

Unfortunately, no.

Their hi-res streaming seems to be a work in progress.

That flac stream stopped a few weeks ago. A different flac stream briefly appeared, then changed, and now that has since gone.

I’ll continue to monitor.

I can get JB radio 2 using the SimAudio Moon “Mind” app the station now streams at 320 AAc and mp3
The Direct link: https://maggie.torontocast.com:8076/aac

But this link cannot be imported into Roon My Radio

Same good quality. but AAC

Ahh I thought you were referring to the flac stream.

However, doubly unfortunately, the advertised .aac and .mp3 streams won’t work in Roon as they use https plus port numbers and Roon has a long standing bug with those.

And, thrice unfortunately, our standby alternative stream is off air at the moment so we now have no working streams for jb radio-2.

@alec_eiffel - is something awry with your stream?

Yes indeed, my ISP updated my router and this cut the redirection.
It’s fixed now, JBRadio2 is back in Roon @Suresh_Kamath

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I have added the FLAC stream to my relay server (thanks @BrianW for the hint).
I am unsure about the stability so please check. Metadata still need to be added, I will try later in the week-end.
Very cool radio for a Saturday morning!
NB: there’s a limit of 3 streamers for FLAC, don’t be surprised if you’re reverted to AAC.

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Hey everyone :wave:,

One of our customers is a big fan of JB Radio-2 (and it’s so awesome to see that he has all of you for company). @alec_eiffel I’ll definitely give it a try for a Saturday morning :sunny:

He reported that it takes up to a minute for Roon to pick up the stream. For me, it was about 20 seconds or so. Is this something you ran into? Any tips on making it better?

Thanks for all you do for the love of music :musical_note:

FLAC is very slow to start and sometimes hangs, I’ve unlisted it as the relay I set is so unstable.
The AAC stream remains it is of good quality @320kbps. It should start in 2-3 seconds max.
Better performance will be achieved when Roon finally accepts HTTPS streams with port number, they are very common now and supported by most players. It’s one of the long lasting issues of Roon Live Radio service.

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Salut @alec_eiffel,

Merci beaucoup pour l’explication! (a little French is still with me from my time in Nice in 2015).

I’ll pass along the info. Many thanks :blush:

Avec plaisir Rebeka ! Bonne journée !

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Hi Rebeka,
Long time, since you helped with my subscription.:+1: However, I need your help again.
Just wondering why no FLAC stream for JB-Radio2. I know it exists and runs, as I constantly use it on various Naim Audio equipment, within their own App. In fact Naim have added to their Hi-Def streams, for internet radio.
Thanking you, in anticipation of a reply.

Hello @NoNaim , the problem is the way the station has added metadata to an Icecast audio stream.

To expand, it is sending within an Ogg container successive individual flac streams with metadata in their header. At the end of each flac file/stream there is an EOS (End of stream) Ogg flag. That is followed by a BOS (Beginning of steam) Ogg flag, a new Flac file and metadata. Roon sees the EOS flag and stops.

Thus if you were to play this stream in Roon, you would have to restart the stream after every song.

The Roon devs are aware of the problem.

If you put this link into Roon radio, you will get the music, but no metadata:

Just seen that! Working on it…

Ok, try now…

And thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Thank you Brian, for the explanation. Many thanks.
Hopefully Roon, will eventually catch up.

But in the meantime, JB Radio-2 now has that non-metadata flac stream.