JB Radio 2 metadata Flac stream

Hi can anyone help!
Why is there no metadata Flac stream for JB Radio 2, when using Roon?
When I use the Naim Audio App, I get the song title for each track playing, but no artist information. This is using Naim’s HiDef stream for JB Radio 2. I decided to email the station and got the following reply, -

Hi,artist and song metadata are included in stream.You can check it with foobar or vlc player.Just put the address https://maggie.torontocast.com:8076/flac or https://euve275168.serverprofi24.net/proxy/icecast/metaflac

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Has anyone or Roon technical support got any ideas, why this is so ?

Thank you in anticipation of any replies.

Hello @NoNaim , there’s good news and bad news…

First, the bad: that stream is currently unworkable for Roon, see

But, the good news: is that for this station the problem is fixable and metadata should be available very soon…

Thank you, Brian. I guess that Naim Audio deals with the stream differently, as they can decode the metadata. The strange bit is they can decode the metadata for the song title, but not not the artist. Welcome to the crazy world of internet radio metadata streams :blush:

Strange, as the stream contains the metadata for the artist…

Stream #0:0: Audio: flac, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16
album : Us
artist : Peter Gabriel
title : Blood Of Eden
genre : Pop/Rock
track : 13

I agree and that was the reply from JB. However, Naim Audio who can decode the Flac metadata stream can only display the song title, no artist information. Hence, 3 different outcomes depending on which player you are using (I) everything works (ii) partially works or (iii) does not work at all.

I see.

Have patience, and Roon will get there…

Thank you, again Brian. Someday all Flac streams will be made the same :crossed_fingers:


Try now…

…and many thanks to @alec_eiffel and the Roon devs.

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Morning Brian, one very happy chappie here this morning. Glad to report JB Radio-2 Flac stream working with song title, artist and the album the track is on, metadata displaying. Fantastic effort by all. Many thanks to the development team and yourself :champagne::two_hearts::+1:

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Thanks :wink:

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I’m trying JB Radio 2 and it says its offline? is that temporary or something changed?

Just tried it and works fine.

Have you changed anything?

What about other stations?

Works fine now, sorry for the trouble!

The non-metadata stream has been off air for a fortnight. Roon needs this version because the stream with metadata is formatted such that Roon stops at the end of each track.

Until the issue is resolved, the station’s stream in Roon has reverted to the metadata one, but be aware of having to press play again after each song.

JB Radio have changed some of their URLs. This has enabled me to find a working flac stream for Roon so the station now works again.

Metadata is being shown and the rate has been increased to 96k.

(I’ve also added their mp3 and aac streams)


Sterling work, Brian :+1:

Hi,i am kostas from jb radio,Let me help you.
FLAC stream without metadata:
FLAC stream with metadata :https://maggie.torontocast.com:8076/flac

options | JB RADIO

Hello @kostas_sxo , and welcome.

Thank you for confirming the links, though we had been using them anyway.

However, while those links are advertised that way, in fact for the last few weeks they are the opposite way round. The 8889 stream has no metadata, and the 8076 stream does.

You 're right,My mistake.

Ok. Will you be changing the description or the streams?