Jb radio plays one song then stops

I have to hit the play button to get it to start again. Anyone else have this problem?

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Argh!! They’ve added metadata to an icy flac stream - this causes Roon to hiccup. It’s a known problem; Roon are aware (but I’ll remind them again @dylan and @nuwriy).

In the meantime, I’m afraid you’ll have to drop back to the mp3 stream.

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Just to add some details … for the following FLAC stations, the stream stops at the end of the first track: 440hz Radio, Ai-radio, JB Radio-2, Sing Sing Bis Radio, and Mother Earth Radio. There are other FLAC stations that don’t have this problem (e.g., Sector Radio streams, Rondo Classic - Klasu Pro, Radio Paradise streams, Intense Radio, and Chill Out Zone Plus).

So did the radio station change their stream or did Roon change something in an update?

This really is disappointing as jb radio is my sat morning go to.

Thank you @Paul_Murtaugh, and oh dear.
It’s a known problem for Roon and it’s probably going to get worse as more Flac stations start incorporating metadata.

Yes. There are two ways to add metadata to the stream - one is to use a different audio server from Icecast (which cannot add it) - this is how Radio Paradise and Radio Bluesflac do it. The other is a workround to Icecast which means sending an end of session/start of session flag at the end of each song. However this results in Roon thinking the stream has stopped (end of session) at the end of the song.

Well that really sucks - is it reasonable to think that Roon will be able to address it anytime soon?

On the positive side I never heard of radio blues Flac before. It’s a nice add to my Library. Listening now

I would hope so. I have passed this latest information on to them.

Thank you.

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I’ve been monitoring JB Radio and for the last few weeks there has been no metadata and they seem to have reverted permanently to the old way of doing things. So no stopping at end of track.

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