JBL Link 20 capabilities not correct

I just added a JBL Link 20 with build in chrome cast to my setup. It supports 24bit/96kHz audio as stated on https://www.jbl.com/voice-activated-speaker/JBL+LINK+20.html

But in the iPad Roon client I can’t change the bitrate settings higher than 48kHz in the settings/audio tab. It is connect and playing nice, but I’d like to make use of the capabilities.

Can I change these device settings my self or should it be updated in the Roon release?



Hello @Frank_Molder,

Because Chromecast Devices do not implement audio format probing, we rely on the official Google API for format support on Chromecast devices. Unfortunately, it appears that your device is not reporting format support correctly. I would recommend reaching out to JBL to inquire why they are not implementing the proper Chromecast API flag for supporting hi-resolution audio. More information can be found here


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Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. Makes sense. I reported ticket at jbl and will update this issue when I have useful information.



Hi Frank,

Any update to report?
I ask as I’m just about to take delivery of a Link 20.



Hello @Dave_Woollard,

We do not have an update to share at this time. We informed JBL about the issue and they said that they would investigate.


Thanks for the update, John.
I have emailed JBL to ask when they expect a SW update to be ready in order to introduce the capability (which they actually advertise in their sales media). Cheers.

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