JBL SDP-55 Not certified

@Bocatech @support I have a JBL SDP-55 and from what I am seeing in the forums, others are having the issue as well of not working with Roon at this time. I am a dealer for JBL and speaking with their team this is up to Roon at this point as they have submitted everything for certification. Is there a hold up or something missing from JBL?


Hi @Joel_Remender,

The SDP-55 is being certified in tandem with the Arcam AVR40 and these certifications are in progress. As with all certifications we are unable to provide timelines for a certification in progress.


Ok great. For the time being is there any work around? I see other members were able to get some sort of access to be able to test it out.

Can I get a notification of some sort when the certification is finished? Thanks!

Hey Joel, you can apply for developer access here, but you’ll only be approved if your SDP-55 hit our cloud certification check before September 21.

You’ll want to ask JBL to keep you informed! Even if certification is complete, it’s up to JBL to release the updated firmware and inform their customers – we’re not at liberty to talk about the certification status of any device until the manufacturer decides to launch it.