JCat Femto USB PCIe card RoPieee support


I m new to RoPieee, but I m not new to RPi. Previously I used MoodeAudio. My setup is Raspberry CM4 (32GB eMMC, 4GB RAM) + Raspberry CM4IO Board + Jcat Femto USB PCIe card. On MoodeAudio this setup worked fine, but when it comes to RoPieee XL there seems to be a problem. After pluging in card to the PCIe socket system doesnt want to wake up. Then after unplugging PCIe card it works perfect. As I`m going to setup a Roon Core on my Synology I decided to use my Raspberry based USB transport as an Roon Endpoint.

Any ideas what is wrong and how to fix it?

Thank You for any replies!

I would be interested to understand if this is still an issue for you?
I was keen to try a similar setup.

Have you tried externally powering the card?

Not a problem anymore as I switched to DietPi. :slight_smile: I’ve installed Roon endpoint on it and to be honest the way it all works exceeded my expectations. Roon server is running on my Synology DS1621+ (on the SSD drive).
Also I have switched from JCat USB Femto to JCat USB XE what turned out to be a major update in terms of the sound quality. To make XE work with CM4 You have to add „dtoverlay=pcie-32bit-dma” to the boot/config.txt file. Femto doesn’t require it.
My Roon setup plays with McIntosh MA9000 and ATC SCM40 and to be honest I can’t stop listening :slight_smile:

Anyway I don’t know why, but I couldn’t force RoPieee to work with JCat card but as said before DietPi works flawlessly. And yes, I do power JCat’s filter with external 5V linear PSU, but currently I’m thinking about trying JCat Optimo Nano.

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Thanks for that information, exactly what I need to know.


Maybe just needs @spockfish Harry to add that overlay to ropieee, maybe worth having @DrCWO add to rooExtend too


I suspect the main Linux distorts would support… I.e Ubuntu….