Jean-Michel Jarre vs Jean Michel Jarre (hyphen)

I noticed that there are two spellings of Jean-Michel Jarre in Roon: one with hyphen and one without. The one without hyphen has a bio, the one with hyphen has not.
The official spelling is with hyphen, at least that’s how he puts his name on his website.

Allmusic is wrong:

Here’s Roon:

Problem is, he uses both spellings by himself.
Earlier albums have his name without, later albums with hyphen.

OK, that makes things more complicated. But in the end, all links should lead to the very same artist entry. Make it Jean-Micheal Jarre aka Jean Michel Jarre. Or the other way round.

I’ve made an equivalence edit and this will be deployed tomorrow evening (U.S.). Thanks for reporting this!


Thanks, that’s what I call a swift response!