Jim Hall - Concierto - being ignored by Roon

Hey Folks,

Loving Roon for over a year now - great software.

I added a DSD rip from SACD to my collection last night but Roon continues to ignore it - won’t add the album to the catalog. I’ve added lots of albums over the year - now 4,000+ including SACD rips without incident.

I’ve reviewed the meta data in Kid3 and it’s all perfect. I’ve forced a re-scan many many times - it was one of about 40 I added to the collection last night and all the others were fine.

Any suggestions?


Hi Derek,

Does it show up in Roon’s skipped files list?

Have you tried sorting Roon’s album browser by import data, to see if you can spot anything odd in there that might be this album but misidentified?

Alternatively look in the tracks browser, using the file path column, to see if you can spot it.


I have and no, nothing odd.

Not showing up in that list.

Just added another which Roon is also ignoring… a Jeremy Kahn / Dee Alexander album

Worth temporarily setting “Show Hidden Albums” to Yes, and looking at the most recently added albums to see if there is anything there that you don’t recognize. i.e. a mis-identification.

No change.

Can someone tell me the process Roon uses to ID albums and add them to the catalog? If I understood the process I can diagnose the problem…

I know this should be obvious, but are you sure you didn’t change the output folder for your ripper? Or the “watched” folder / folders in Roon? So that the files are located somewhere Roon isn’t looking?

I only asked because I did this accidentally the other day and all my new albums were showing up in iTunes but not in Roon. Took me a good 15 minutes (duh) to figure out my NAS was offline and iTunes had been storing the files on the local drive instead of the NAS without warning me :confused:

I’m not the person to describe the process, but even in the worst case (not so bad, really), the album should be added to the collection but as “Unidentified.” This makes me think the problem has to be something with the track files themselves. Maybe try, as an experiment, transcoding to a different format with XLD or similar and seeing what happens?

FWIW, I have the same MFSL version of Concierto, and it shows in Roon as “unidentified.” If I try to identify the album, Roon offers a non-MFSL version as a choice, but there’s apparently no match for the MFSL version.

Mine won’t even do that.