Jim(my) Pugh confusion

In my library there are 2 Jim(my) Pugh mixed up:


the first one is this:

the problem here is that the Wikipedia link takes to:

a musician that seems to have nothing to do with robert cray.

the second artist is:

with no more infos…
but shoud correspond to:

Thanks, @Niccolo_Terzi — We are investigating this one.

Hi @dylan
the error is still there, but now there are … 3 J. Pugh.

This Jim Pugh, is the trombone player, data and link ok, photo is wrong, should not be credited with Robert Cray in any way.

This James Pugh is the same person. The 2 external link are ok. The credits to Philip Glass albums are ok.

Finally this Jimmy Pugh, keyboard player of the Robert Cray band. He should be credited in the robert cray albums