Jimmy Smith Error Message

Last week I noticed organist Jimmy Smith had two entries that I couldn’t merge. I noticed a similar thread about duplicates that couldn’t be merged and Roon staff was working on it. Today I looked up Jimmy Smith. There’s a single entry, however, when I click on it I get a message that says “This performer was not found”. Clearly a database snafu. Any idea how to fix this? BTW, I’ve got four Jimmy Smith albums. When I select any of them and click the link to Jimmy Smith, I get the same error message.

Hi David,

Apologies for the inconvenience. Can you select all four albums and try re-identifying them?

  1. Go to the Albums browser from the main menu.
  2. Use the funnel filter (top right) to filter all of your Jimmy Smith albums by typing “Jimmy Smith”.
  3. Select all the albums (Ctrl-A or Cmd-A).
  4. Select “Edit” (top right).
  5. Select “Re-Identify Albums” (2nd item under “Your File”).


That worked. Thanks alot.

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I’ve been going through my Artists and I’ve found several that refuse to merge. As an example, I have two entries for John Sebastian. One lists him with 14 compositions and one lists him with 1 composition. The image is the same. When I select both entries to merge it lists the two entries but indicates both entries only have 1 composition. Then of course, it doesn’t merge.

Then this: