John "Bucky" Pizzarelli & John Pizzarelli identified as one artist

I would like to make you aware that these two artists, John Paul “Bucky” Pizzarelli (stage name Bucky Pizzarelli) and John Paul Pizzarelli Jr. (stage name John Pizzarelli) are being listed as the same person under Artist. Up until yesterday they were both listed as John Pizzarelli under Artist info but showed up as separate names in the Artist library sort and now they are both listed as Bucky Pizzarelli in both the Artist info and Artist library sort. John Pizzarrelli (born April 6, 1960) is the son of Bucky Pizzarelli (born January 9, 1926) and both were born in Paterson N.J. so I can see how the error could occur. As it stands now if I want to find a CD by John Pizzarelli I have to look for it under Bucky Pizzarelli. It would be nice if the errors in both the Artist info and Artist library sort could be corrected.

Hi @Mario_Bucco,

Please would you let us know which album you spotted this on, or was it purely through the Artist browser?


Same for José Feliciano and Cheo Feliciano.
To reproduce: Search for José Feliciano in Roon and select him unter Tidal Artists. Now you see bio and picture of Cheo Feliciano and the albums are mixed from both artists.

Hi Joel,
I spotted it both on specific albums and in the Artist browser. The John Pizzarelli albums in my collection that have the issue are “Let’s Share Christmas”, “P.S. Mr. Cole”, “Live At Birdland”, “Bossa Nova”, & “Dear Mr. Sinatra”. Bucky is not actually on any of these albums but his name is showing up as the artist. The collaboration albums with both Bucky & John on them are “Pizzarelli Party”, “Contrasts”, “Generations”, “Family Fugue”, “Live From Studio A In New York City”, & “Sunday At Pete’s”. In the album description for all of these if you click on the link for John Pizzarelli it takes you to the artist info for Bucky Pizzzarelli.

Before yesterday the non-collaboration John Pizzarelli albums had the correct info & artist name for John Pizzarelli, but for any album with Bucky Pizzarelli on it clicking on the link to Bucky’s name took you to the info for John Pizzarelli. Now the info for Bucky is correct and clicking on his name takes you to the correct info but John Pizzarelli is no longer in the Artist browser nor does his data show up when you click on his name in the album description. It just takes you to the info for Bucky. For the Bucky Pizzarelli albums without John Pizzarelli on them, the information now appears to be all correct.


@Mario_Bucco and @AE67

Guys, I’ve created internal tickets to track these and get them sorted:

#14953: José and Cheo Feliciano
#14954: John and Bucky Pizzarelli

Thanks for reporting and your patience.

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Hi Joel,
Thanks, I appreciate it. I recently started using Roon and am in the process of double checking the metadata for my music collection. I’ve run across a few other oddities but most of them have been sorted out. From reading some forum posts my understanding is that there is an upcoming update that will make it easier to correct metadata errors. I’ve been holding off on reporting other errors I’ve found until after the update. Thanks to you and the other folks involved in this project, keep up the good work.

Hi Joel,
As of today the metadata is no longer showing the artist info for John “Bucky” Pizzarelli, it now is only showing artist info for John Pizzarelli (the son). In addition any album that has Bucky Pizzarelli collaborating with another artist is being listed as a John Pizzarelli album rather than a Bucky Pizzarelli album. This is actually the same situation that existed the day before I posted the first time.

As I’m going through the metadata for my albums I’m finding quite a few errors in artist information. Some where an album by one artist like Bill Evans the jazz pianist is being assigned to Bill Evans the bluegrass banjo player, others where two different albums by the same artist have two separate artist listings and some where an artist having nothing to do with an album is listed as the only artist.

Any idea when the new version of Roon which will allow us to correct these errors will be released .

Hi @Mario_Bucco Mario,

A manual fix was pushed for these artists yesterday and is live today. Please would you let us know if it’s fixed your problem? Note that, unless you re-identify your albums, you’ll have to wait up to a week for the updated metadata to make its way to your Roon library.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Joel,
Yay! Bucky and John are now recognized as two separate artists. It appears that about 90% of the information for their albums is correct. Here are the album titles that I’ve found which still have a bit of a problem.

  1. “Oh, Lady Be Good” is by Michele Ramo, Bucky Pizzarelli & Jerry Bruno. If I use the ‘Identify Album’ button it shows up but only as by Michele Ramo. In the description of the album it says that it is by all three but it doesn’t show up under either Bucky’s or Jerry’s names when you go to the Artist’s Library or if you click the links in the description.
  2. “Don’t Blame Me” is by Bucky Pizzarelli & Frank Vignola. It does not show up if I use the ‘Identify Album’ button so I’m guessing it’s not in any of the metadata providers. The issue is for Artist it has ‘Bucky Pizzarelli & Frank Vignola’ as a single entity rather than two artists.
  3. “Hot Club of 52nd Street” is by Bucky Pizzarelli, Howard Alden, Johnny Frigo & Michael Moore. The metadata provider has the Artist as Hot Club of 52nd Street. All of them are mentioned in the description and clicking on any of their name links has the album listed under appearance rather than main album.
  4. “Red Door: Remember Zoot Sims” is by Scott Hamilton & Bucky Pizzarelli. If you click on ‘Identify Album’ the album shows up under two titles; “Red Door: Remember Zoot Sims” by Scott Hamilton with a description including Bucky’s name, or “…Remember Zoot Sims: The Red Door” by Scott Hamilton/Bucky Pizzarelli but without any description. Using the “Red Door: Remember Zoot Sims” by Scott Hamilton the album shows up in Bucky’s library as an appearance rather than main album.
  5. “In A Mellow Tone” by Howard Alden & Bucky Pizarelli is an album of duets by the two. The ‘Identify Album’ metadata has it only by Howard Alden, it shows up as an appearance rather than main album in Bucky’s artist library.
  6. “Contrasts” and “Generations” are duet albums by both Bucky Pizzarelli and his son, John Pizzarelli. In the Artist library they show up as main albums for Bucky but only appearances for John.
  7. “Let’s Share Christmas” and “Dear Mr. Sinatra” are by John Pizzarelli without Bucky but they show up as appearance in Bucky’s Artist Library.

I really appreciate all the work you guy’s are doing at Roon and especially all of your work in correcting this particular issue, Roon’s a great product.