John Mann (and for that matter, Nancy Wilson)

Here’s another one. It must be hard to deal with artists of the same name. (last I checked the Nancy Wilson problem still exists.) I have a few albums by a Louisville, KY, Nashville, TN artist named John Mann. Soon has not identified his albums but has associated them with John Mann of Canada. And to make matters worse, Roonnamed him as a featured artist for me drawing attention to it and . . . wait for it . . . giving me Songkick concert dates for the wrong John Mann. :smile:

Being able to disassociate this connection would be nice.

You guys are doing great, don’t take these reports as complaints. They are just reports. Complaints from me would have a different tone I would think.

Here’s another fun example: Roon sometimes confuses Dr. Lonnie Smith and Lonnie Liston Smith. Ironically, Dr. Smith’s bio in Roon begins by saying the two have a history of being mistaken for one another.