John Williams, the classical guitarist from Australia, is not John Williams the jazz bassist from New York

Half of my John Williams (classical guitarist) albums are pointing to the wrong John Williams (jazz bassist). Not to mention a few credits for John Williams (the film composer). It is kind of a mess, and I’m sure the same name doesn’t help. Hope this can be fixed - seems like this problem is relatively new.


The right John Williams: John Williams | Discography | Discogs
The wrong John Williams: John Williams | Discography | Discogs
Another wrong one (credits): John Williams | Discography | Discogs

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Please bifurcate these two totally different artists whose credits are combined all across my collection.

This was a major pain in the rump with 1.7, too. I had to work hard to get the classical guitarist’s music to work in my library. Nice to see it was not just me. This is also NOT the “John Williams” that composed most of Stephen Spielberg’s movie themes.

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