John Wise album issue

I found a strange issue in an album by John Wise.

As you can see in the screenshots, the album comes from Tidal, but when I save it in my library the primary artist becomes John Michael Rose instead of John Wise (on Tidal catalog is was correctly attributed).

If I try to re-identify the album there are two possibilities, one is the current option and the other is the album Still on my mind by this John Michael Rose (absolutely incorrect and irrilevant).

Moreover, I added the album on MusicBrainz time ago, with all of its metadata and credits, but this data are not available in Roon and I can’t find them in any way.

Can you @support try to find out what is happening please?

For some reason, the track times in MusicBrainz are all wrong… They are precisely (to the nearest second anyway) the track times of Still On My Mind by John Michael Rose. This is what is confusing us. I wonder how that happened?!

Now I see! Now I’m fixing track times on MusicBrainz.
Thank you!

Thanks for entering the data. Do you have the other album?

Unfortunately not, but I can do some research with Discogs data to fix it too!

I think that it’s okay.

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