Johnny Flynn - Been Listening - 8 listings

Johnny Flynn’s 2010 album Been Listening has obviously been listening alot. The Tidal Main Albums (via Roon) lists this album 8 times, every one with a different total duration. I have not cross checked the track listing across these variants but find it hard to believe there really were 8 editions released. Allmusic lists one 2 disc version.

Hi Andy,

I’m only seeing one. Can you post a screenshot?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg, thanks for getting back.

My sequence is:

  1. Search for Johnny Flynn in Roon
  2. Select Tidal Artists
  3. Scrolling down gives me this

  1. Select View All Main Albums gives me this

Cheers Andy

We reflect only what TIDAL gives us… Our current metadata comprises 7 TIDAL albums called “Been Listening” by Johnny Flynn, with 6, 11, 11, 12, 15, 16, and 17 tracks, so these are clearly different editions (Rovi/allmusic is not always complete).

The six albums that I see with UK and US TIDAL accounts with TIDAL’s app all have different track counts.

Hi Joel, Sorry, I’m a newbie on Roon and still finding my feet. Yep, I see 6 in Tidal as well. I’ll check that in future before bleating on here.

Curious why I saw 8 last night and now seeing 6 this morning but accept that was what Tidal was feeding. Shame Tidal doesn’t provide any clear “version” information.

As an aside, and please tell me if I should put this in a separate topic, on Tidal I see a standard and a deluxe version (with 2 additional tracks) of the A Larum album. I have the standard version in my library from a FLAC rip from CD. In Roon I see that rip in my library but I do not see the deluxe version listed from Tidal. Is this the way it should be ?

Thanks Andy

what is with tidal and the multiple identical versions of the same albums, no mention of mastering differences, or any difference in content?

it just clutters things up and confuses things. If there is different content they should highlight the version in the title, IMHO.

It just seems to go unnoticed or uncommented on. It bugs me!

Right rant over… I love first world problems… makes me feel a little better about my lot in life, lol

Hi Andy, no worries :slight_smile:

Probably because TIDAL culled a couple recently and we’re now reflecting that.

At the moment, yes. If you have a single version of a TIDAL album in your library, you won’t see the others.

At least these were different albums. When there are multiples listed and the only difference is the format CD, MQA96, etc and you can’t tell which is which that’s really annoying !

My favourite current rant !

We know. It’s on our list.

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Hi Joel, I like the “at the moment” bit, not the “yes” bit regarding A Larum. Is this on the change list as well ? Otherwise it means I can only see something like the A Larum deluxe by going straight to Tidal, which is a bit pants.

ps… love a bit of Johnny Flynn myself. Underrated imho.