Joined Zone problems

I updated Roon to 1.8 version yesterday, but I’ve got a great problem. Roon Core on windows 10 system updated, joined zone with a Dragonfly Cobalt (renderer MQA) via usb and Kef ls50w II (full decoder MQA) via wireless streaming. The sound path is unstable and I hear some spots on tracks in Kef ls50w II either with MQA or PCM files in Tidal and in Qobuz. Why? What could I do?

![Screenshot_20210210_220051_com.facebook.orca|230x500](upload://j8vkacv9nCgiRlwstexC a00vryi.jpeg)

Hi @Gianluca_Schiavone ,

If you play to these zones individually do you see any issue with one of them in particular?

No, individually are perfect

Hi @Gianluca_Schiavone

Are local files playing okay?

Can you reproduce this once more and make a note of the time it occurs and what track you’re playing?


Local tracks are ok either mqa, dsd or pcm. The problem is on Tidal and Qobuz expecially for MQA but also in PCM. I’ve got some clicks, spots, and sometimes the track definitely stops

If joined, I lose connection with Kef ls50w II but the dragonfly cobalt seems ok. The sound path is strange on Kef, seems unstable and shows the kef as mqa renderer while kef are full decoder. In 1.7 everything ok!

It happens in each tracks. I think definitely a kef ls50w II problems because the sound path is strange and it recognize Kef as a MQA renderer and not full decoder. What could I do?

Hi @Gianluca_Schiavone

I’d like to have our team review a diagnostics report from an instance where this problem is occurring. If you could reproduce and let us know the time and track we’ll take a look!

In this moment the problem seems solved, but Roon still see Kef ls50w II as a MQA renderer (not full decoder) and the sound path of Cobalt continuously change

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